My Story

How I went from a digitally interested employee to a digital media manager in a year and a half

In January 2014, I was hired by a very small (I’m talking four-employees-at-the-central-office small) company in Washington, DC. I was brought on as a program assistant on two of the company’s projects.

The first project was well-established, having existed for the past 15 years, but the second project was brand new. Naturally, that brand new project needed a brand new website.

My company’s operating costs rely heavily on grants, and this new project was no different. Before the project even got funded, the budget was cut, so money was especially tight. Because I had some experience with WordPress, I offered to build the new website myself, which saved the project a considerable amount of its scant cents.

Website Necessities, My Come Up
The project required a website with a public side and private side, and documents had to be easy to share and visually accessible to the partners. My site design met all of these criteria and more, and now I’m working with my company to move the well-established, 15-years-and-counting project website, as well as the main company website, over to the WordPress platform.

Your Come Up
I want to emphasize that when I was first hired, my knowledge of WordPress was passable, but has grown by orders of magnitude from direct experience. If you are not afraid of trying new things and pushing yourself beyond your current level of comfort, and if you have a genuine desire to learn more, then there’s no reason you can’t build your own website and have a come up of your own.

Where to Start
I have compiled some helpful tips for WordPress beginners that track the learning I experienced as I built up a website by myself, for a brand new project at a brand new job. Let my experiences help you.

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