How to: Create a Self-Updating Post Carousel with SiteOrigin's Page Builder and Widget Bundle

How To: Create a Self-Updating Post Carousel

A self-updating post carousel is one of the main homepage features on the website I built for my company.

When the site was still in the design phase, a technology consultant advised me to build a visually engaging homepage with a layout that made it easy for visitors to find and click content. In my search for homepage components that would draw readers in, I came across content carousels.Example of a post loop

The image above doesn’t do the real thing justice. When site visitors scroll over images, the photos respond by popping out and changing color, making for a nice user experience. Both the photos and titles are clickable, and the arrows allow visitors to explore at-a-glance news stories at their own pace, without being overwhelmed with everything all at once.

The carousel is attractive, interactive, responsive, and, thanks to how I set it up, never out-of-date.

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how easy it is to create a self-updating post carousel on your own website or blog. All you need are two plugins and content to share. Enjoy!

Photo adapted from Farrukh (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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